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The Vancouver Managed IT Services support you’ve been looking for

Helping your business stay ahead of technology

It’s a challenge familiar to every executive. Email problems. Security concerns. Hardware upgrades. Ransomware, Cybersecurity Insurance. VPN, backups, servers, and more. Meanwhile, you just want to focus on your business. Without a team of IT professionals, even the most progressive organization gets mired down with tech issues. Consider using a highly qualified, dedicated team of outside technology experts that act like your own internal team, and can stay ahead of it for you.


Save Money

An outsourced IT department keeps your costs under control. Easily scalable as your business grows, without increasing your overhead.

More Efficient

No more worries about space or the usual HR issues that come with managing your own internal staff. And just as responsive!

Full Coverage

Mac or Windows? No problem! Keep your staff happy by letting them use the platform of their choice and still work together seamlessly.

Stay Ahead

You benefit from a full team of experts who are constantly improving their knowledge as well as your capabilities.

The expert support you need

World-class managed IT services

Reduce your IT costs while getting the results you need to grow your business. You enjoy immediate and constant access to a full team of experienced and dedicated IT professionals at your fingertips, yet without the overhead, space requirements, or HR complexities that come from using internal staff. Our Vancouver Managed IT Services can help protect your productivity.

Mac and Windows supported

Seamless multi-platform support

There’s no need to force your staff to use an unfamiliar platform, a controversial requirement that can disrupt the focus of your business. Our team is fluent in all platforms and knows how to make the most of each one. Whether your people prefer Mac or PC, iPhone or Android, we can help your entire team work together effortlessly.

Oh, Canada!

Experts in Canadian Microsoft Azure and Office 365

Move your business up to a secure, purely Canadian cloud with Microsoft Azure and Office 365. As a Microsoft partner, our expert team can make your migration and setup pain free. Plus, no worries about your data being located across international borders.


We serve a variety of industries including the following


We have years of experience serving engineers and architects with comprehensive IT support.

macOS Support

We love to support macOS customers. Our special tools keep your team productive on the computers you want to use.


Managed IT services allow your not-for-profit organization to function smoothly with no additional overhead to worry about.


From civil engineering to manufacturing, we've got you covered with high quality managed IT.

Give yourself peace of mind about your technology.

The technology your business relies on isn’t a luxury. You need it to work all the time, every time. When it doesn’t, you can lose productivity, waste valuable resources, and potentially lose revenue. Managed IT services ensure that your systems work the way they are supposed to.

Full service IT support

You enjoy the power of an entire, comprehensive IT department with just one hire.

Cybersecurity Peace of Mind

You get the benefit of the highest quality security features, advice, and around the clock support.

Cloud Computing

Secure, reliable Canadian cloud computing puts your data at your fingertips when you need it, wherever you are.

Managing Costs Effectively

Protect yourself from unnecessary capital expenditures through managed infrastructure.

Reduce IT Downtime

Every minute that your systems, or any part of them, are down costs you money. Ensure that things work consistently with solid IT support.

Increase Profitability

Managed IT services are a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department. So you get to put more money into making money.

Remote Teams Support

Remote work is here to stay. Make sure your remote teams are properly supported with the fast, reliable technology.

Forecasting & Budgeting

We’ll help you establish and manage a smart IT budget based on your business growth and other factors.

Ready for World-Class Managed IT?

Take your tech support to the next level with TBITS. It starts with a simple evaluation to see if we are a good fit for each other’s business.