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The Story so Far

Bringing You a Fresh Approach to IT Services

TBITS was founded on the vision of bringing efficient, reliable Managed IT Service Provider to your business in a way that minimizes your costs while providing the finest technology support possible. We have been supporting our clients in Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC since 2000.
Focused on real needs

We look at your IT needs from a business perspective

Let’s face it. You need technology, but running your business effectively is way more important than chasing after the constant challenges that come with technology. Helping you find that balance is what TBITS is all about. You don’t want techno babble. You don’t want bureaucratic bottlenecks. You just want your technology to work.
Your Technology Partner

Helping Your Business Lead the Way Forward

Before the pandemic, business owners couldn’t imagine their staff rapidly adapting to online meetings, yet today it’s common. At TBITS, we’re proud to have equipped and trained our clients to adapt to this new reality in record time, with minimal issues. Remote work is just one of the emerging technologies that Managed IT can help your business utilize to increase productivity, profitability, and worker satisfaction.


Total coverage. Zero overhead.

You don’t need to bog your business down with extra overhead to get high quality tech support. Managed IT gives you the security and support you need with a small monthly fee that can be modified at any time. We’ll take you through an in-depth, no-obligation discovery process to make sure we’re a good fit for your needs and that you’re a good fit for TBITS. You can utilize our services on an hourly basis with a small management fee, or take advantage of our all-inclusive Managed Services plan that offers total peace of mind.

With technology, flexibility is everything

Your business can’t afford to be hampered in growth opportunities because you’re chained to old or proprietary technology. With a Managed IT vendor, you have access to the latest options at all times. We happily support your computer platforms of choice, whether it is Apple macOS or Windows. And because you don’t need to invest in large capital-intensive systems that soon become outdated, you can change direction on a dime.

Ready for the IT support you’ve been craving?

We’d love to discuss your needs. Get in touch today!