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TBITS Frequently Asked QuestionsWe like to talk with our new and existing clients.

We put together our top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about TBITS IT Specialists.

What services does TBITS offer?

TBITS offers managed IT services, cybersecurity, cloud computing, multi-platform support, and IT support for a variety of industries including architects, macOS users, not-for-profits, and engineering firms.

What industries does TBITS specialize in?

TBITS specializes in serving industries such as architecture, engineering, not-for-profit organizations, and offers specialized support for macOS users.

Is TBITS located only in Vancouver?

TBITS is based in Vancouver but offers remote support across North America, with local representation also on Vancouver Island.

Does TBITS support both Mac and Windows platforms?

Yes, TBITS provides seamless support for both Mac and Windows platforms, ensuring teams can work together effortlessly regardless of their preferred technology.

Can TBITS help with moving to the cloud?

Yes, TBITS can assist with migrating your business to a secure, Canadian cloud using Microsoft Azure and Office 365, ensuring a pain-free setup and migration.

How does TBITS ensure cybersecurity?

TBITS provides the highest quality security features and advice, along with around-the-clock support to ensure your business’s cybersecurity needs are met.

What are the benefits of using TBITS’s managed IT services?

Benefits include cost reduction, increased efficiency without the usual HR issues, full coverage across platforms, staying ahead of technology, and access to a team of experts.

How can TBITS help reduce IT costs?

TBITS helps reduce IT costs by providing outsourced IT services that eliminate the need for internal IT staff, thus controlling overhead and scaling as your business grows.

What support do remote teams receive from TBITS?

TBITS ensures that remote teams are properly supported with fast, reliable technology, allowing for effective remote work across different locations.

How can organizations start using TBITS services?

Organizations can start using TBITS services by initiating a simple evaluation to see if both parties are a good fit for each other’s business needs. Book a free meeting with us and we can start a dialog.

I have a question not answered here.

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