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We all rely on email. You type the email and hit send; most days, it just works. We get emails from customers, family, your bank, and even from your doctor. Emails fly from one part of the world to the next in the blink of an eye. Email has helped to replace paper mail and fax, but email is changing in 2024.

Have ever wondered how do we keep your mailbox from overflowing with junk mail? Junk and phishing emails are at all time record highs. Or how do we ensure that email that looks like it came from your bank is really from your bank?

Email is Changing in 2024

Email is Changing in 2024; you will need to meet new rules that will ensure it can be trusted. There are new rules that will keep your email out of your customer’s junk mailboxes. These rules will also help reduce the junk in your inbox as well. Some of the rules go by names like: SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc. This can be challenging to get right. These rules require technical know how and constant monitoring. If you have not already setup and tested them for your work email, talk to your IT team. You will still have time before the email changes in 2024 will be require.

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