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What is Two Factor Authentication?

Two factor authentication (also known as Multi Factor Authentication or MFA) can dramatically reduce the risk of successful phishing emails. It can also greatly reduce the risk of a bad actor remotely logging into your servers and computer. Two factor authentication can also help reduce malware infections because even if the attacker is able to get your password, they are unable to login because they do not have the second piece (the second factor).

To successfully login, they would need access to whatever is generating your one-time code, which should be an authenticator app on your smartphone or Special USB security key. The USB keys can used in place of the app or as a backup option. We commonly see the USB keys used in organizations that issue ID cards to staff for secure building access. Also the key is helpful for staff who don’t have a company issued iPhone or Android device. The apps are generally free and easy for staff to add to their account.

Recommended Apps

We recommend as the best practice to use an authenticator app. There is Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, Google Authenticator, or Authy. All of these apps have back end that your IT support can help setup for you. With today’s two factor apps, it’s easy to setup and use.

Two Factor Authentication Test Drive

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