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Happy New Year! We are starting our new year with both excitement and concern. December 2022 brought large weather storms and lead to disruptions for in office work. COVID and respiratory illness were unfortunately in full swing. Many business were able to quickly mobilize their staff to work from home and remain productive. We are excited to work with our clients to build on these successes. Work from home in 2023 will help amplify these outcomes.

Work from home in 2023 will look different than it was in the previous years; it will look more like a hybrid system. Many employers are considering hybrid work as the model going forward. Many changes will be needed to make hybrid work successful.

Companies are moving past the initial stop gap measures of grabbing the office computer and lugging it home. Aside from the security challenges of this model, not all employees want to carry a computer between the office and their home. To help fix these issues, some companies are using strategies such:

  1. issuing entry level work computers to allow secure remote control of the office computer
  2. switch to work laptops while providing a proper setup with keyboard, mouse, webcam, monitors for the office and at home
  3. migrating work to web based Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop to allow company data remain in your office systems
  4. embracing BYOD as the de facto standard with modern web applications for your company

Making these changes requires planning with your IT team, finance, HR, and just as importantly, your employees. These changes can transform your workplace and give it a large competitive advantage.

We now have the technology to mesh your office’s traditional 9 to 5 hours with hybrid work.