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Microsoft 365 is used by companies, both big and small. It used around the world to boost your business. It keeps your team productive and working together. Microsoft 365 has grown at incredible pace in the last 10 years; however, keeping up with that change is challenging and expensive. Let us help manage your Microsoft 365 and save you the headaches. You can better use your time to work on your business rather than tweak the latest Microsoft 365 changes.

Why do I need an IT professional to Manage our Microsoft 365 system?

  1. Technical Expertise: IT professionals have the necessary technical expertise and knowledge to configure and manage Microsoft 365 services such as Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and others. They can ensure that these services are configured correctly. A major advantage of Microsoft 365 is that it always up to date. The downside is that you have keep on top of the constant changes.
  2. Security: IT professionals can ensure that your Microsoft 365 environment is secure and that your company’s data is protected. They can set up security measures such as multi-factor authentication, cloud backup, data loss prevention, and conditional access policies to keep your data safe.
  3. Troubleshooting: In case of issues, an IT professional can troubleshoot and resolve any problems that arise within your Microsoft 365 environment. They can quickly identify and resolve issues with services such email problems or sharing files. By ensuring that your business operations are not disrupted, staff satisfaction is much higher. Many critical parts of Microsoft 365 are managed using command line tools such as PowerShell.
  4. Upgrades and Updates: Microsoft frequently releases updates and new features for its services. An IT professional can ensure that your company is taking advantage of these updates. They can plan and implement upgrades to the latest version of Microsoft 365, ensuring that your organization is getting the most out of the service.
  5. Customization: IT professionals can customize Microsoft 365 services to meet your organization’s unique needs. They can create custom workflows, automate tasks, and integrate third-party applications to improve productivity and streamline operations.

Having an IT professional manage your Microsoft 365 environment can save your organization time and money. They can also help ensure that your data is secure and help you take full advantage of the service’s capabilities.